I am here, all settled in and even a interesting story to open with.

Hello! so I have been here a month now,  I have been working hard, 5 days a week and as the season builds so does my hours 🙂 I am currently flat sharing with the pastry chef, who started a week before me and it generally a great guy.

Work has been going well, I run the pantry station (soups,Salads,wraps and deserts) server 100+ people a night with it building everyday.  So my biggest drama to date? having a ride in an american ambulance. While rushing around to get ready for service, I was taking a piping nozzle out of the piping bag when I slipped and got my finger stuck on the spikes of the nozzle. After realising what I done, I apparently went whiter than paper and dont remember much untill the EMS arrived.  Once I started gaining my sense’s I relised I had a cup of Oragne juice and I was beening wheeled out by the medics… Two hours at the hospital, the nozzle has been removed and i have nothing to show execpt a wound that looks like a dam paper cut 😀  Once I was discharged I called the Chef to tell him I was ready to return to work for that nights service 😀

Ill keep you update with more blogs 🙂