Yea the title says it all… I went down on Thursday 20th August with my dad spent the night in London, Had a meal at Plant Hollywood (I would recommend to anybody that goes to Piccadilly.) Went to watch my first stage show (The Commitments) Again it was amazing.

Friday morning bright and early once again got on the lovely london tube and headed to the embassy, to sit in the same spot for 3/4 hours while i wait for my number to be called (N436) When it was finally called I had my short Five minute interveiw when the lovely lady behind the desk called Sarah told me my Visa was accepted!

So its official I leave on the 16th October 10:45 Manchester airport to start my adventure.. All thanks to the Bulters Frank and Rasheeda.

See you soon guys! (and girls) (and America :D)


Things are starting to move faster.

So since my last blog things are picking up in speed….. I have got a date for my interview at the embassy after paying for my Visa and Interview. Friday 21st August I’m down in London to be hopefully told my visa would be accepted.On the other hand I have payed for my flights and have my tickets ready to fly out!

Yea its a short one but will be posting another post within the next week or two.