Where to start?

Well since this my first post and my first blog i don’t know where do I start?

How about a bit about me!  I am currently at Grimsby Institute studying level 3 NVQ Professional cookery and i am coming to the end of my final year, I have an amazing job working  as a chef at The Ship Inn at Barnetby Le beck. In my spare time when im not with my beautiful girlfriend I am a member of staff at Grimsby and Cleethorpes sea cadets which I have been a part of for 7 years in September 2015. In that time I have achieved so much, been all over the country from Caledonia in Scotland learning to shoot to entering a national band completion in Plymouth and also spending a week on TS Jack Petchey a sea cadet training vessel, as well as meeting so many people and making new friends wherever I go.

Why have I decided to write a blog now? Well when I was finishing my exams in school all that I knew what I wanted to do was be a chef and join the royal navy. When I finished my level two I heard of an opportunity to go to America after I had finished my level three. This is going to be for a year gaining  experience within my field of choice, working at two different clubs which will impact me and my life big time!

So my aim is to regularly update my blog in the run up to me leaving for america in October until i return the following year.


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