Next stop! Placement!

So my interview went really well and Rasheeda offered me a place on the program there and then! I was over the moon and I told everybody and anybody that I would be hopefully going to America in October! Time went by and as Rasheeda warned us, we wouldn’t be hearing from her until the following April.

In the time from December to April time dragged, I checked my email daily just in case a email from Rasheeda or Frank popped up. I received an email on the 6th of February from Rasheeda that Admiral’s Cove wanted to interview me for a possible placement their. Unfortunately this placement wasn’t to be when we found out the Interviews where not going to happen for there at this time and that Rasheeda was still trying to find somewhere else for us.

A while later I received an email from Frank telling me I had got a interview at Quail Valley with Chef Joe Faria but Frank needed to talk to me about the standard of my CV, at which point I got worried!  After the CV was amended I found out my interview date would be on Wednesday, March 4 at 3:00.

So the days flew by until my time for the interview came, I was so excited but so nervous at the same time it was amazing! I had my Interview with the Chef and the interview went amazingly, which to that point again it was time to wait to hear from BSG if I was going to be offered a place at Quail Valley!

Surely enough a couple weeks passed when I finally received an email from Frank saying that Chef Joe would like to have me at his club! I was again over the moon at this point and this is when it hit me it was really happening.


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