My First encounter with BSG.

So after hearing about this opportunity I just had to know more! I inquired about it with my level three tutor Paul Robinson who told me Rasheeda Butler who runs Butler Search group (BSG) was attending the college within the next couple of weeks to give a presentation to us about the program.

When the time arrived for us to meet Rasheeda I was so excited to know that my future could start here, But as usual duty called and ended up going to work and not to Rasheeda’s presentation which I was devastated and was thinking I have lost the chance already!  After Rasheeda left I was able to find out how to contact BSG and hope they would accept me and give me this amazing opportunity which Fortunately they did!

So I dragged up my CV and changed some things around, Adding a picture of myself (attached)

Picture from my CV

Picture from my CV

and adding my Skype name to the CV with the hope that it was up to standard and that I would achieve the Skype interview I was dearly after! which I did. With in days I received the email from Rasheeda (on the 29/11/2014) I would be having my first Skype interview on the following Wednesday 3rd December at 3.30pm with her.


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