Lets Start with the Visa Process!

So within the next month or so Rasheeda and Frank was emailing us constantly with different pieces of information mainly about Date and times for Orientation taking place on the 8th June 2015 at London South Bank Uni and also the big peice to get us out to America……… The Visa process.

When we finally got the information about the visa process I looked at it and went ‘Oh my god’ Frank had thankfully emailed us step by step instruction guides to get us though this long process…. only to find out we had a matter of days within to get it completed otherwise we had to hold off until the start of July instead.

Part one of many for the Visa Process

Part one of many for the Visa Process

So I finally got the Process finished and had yet another Skype interview to show the Visa company CCI Greenheart why they should let me apply for my visa that will change my life! The interview went well and I finally submitted my application and it was accepted. (more on that in my next blog)


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