Day trip to London!

So the 8th of June came and it was time to go to London!  Setting off early in the morning with two mates also going to America, Keira and Dan. We met on the train and travled down and had a great day.

Step one Completed! getting to London, The next one was the hardest…. finding the right platform in the underground so we didn’t end up on the wrong side of London! So getting off the tube at Elephant and Castle we then had to find the University which after some wrong turns and asking strangers we finally did!

When we entered the room it was already filling up and we could feel the excitement  building from everybody. 12 o’clock came and we started and time flew by! After learning thing about what we would doing and a Q&A session with people who had already been in our shoes and have come to give us advice, we moved onto weather spoons for a drink before we returned home!

So the day after we got back I received an email saying my application has been accepted and now just awaiting payment. This is when it really sunk in that I would be going to America in a matter of months…. So now my next step is to pay for my Visa and my Interview at the embassy which I will be doing on the 15th of July!

Until then! have fun 😀


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