Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Well Its been a while since my last post sorry about that!  Christmas has been and gone in a flash, even here in the states my family still instisted on send me a few presents over 🙂  and we have just entered 2016!

Not that much has happened within the last month and half. Since I have been here I have met some amazing people who have helped me settle in and have made sure I am learning the american culture the right way 😉  Hopefully I will be getting a car soon so that means im more mobile and can see even more amazing part of Florida before i head up north!

Thats it for now guys!

I am here, all settled in and even a interesting story to open with.

Hello! so I have been here a month now,  I have been working hard, 5 days a week and as the season builds so does my hours 🙂 I am currently flat sharing with the pastry chef, who started a week before me and it generally a great guy.

Work has been going well, I run the pantry station (soups,Salads,wraps and deserts) server 100+ people a night with it building everyday.  So my biggest drama to date? having a ride in an american ambulance. While rushing around to get ready for service, I was taking a piping nozzle out of the piping bag when I slipped and got my finger stuck on the spikes of the nozzle. After realising what I done, I apparently went whiter than paper and dont remember much untill the EMS arrived.  Once I started gaining my sense’s I relised I had a cup of Oragne juice and I was beening wheeled out by the medics… Two hours at the hospital, the nozzle has been removed and i have nothing to show execpt a wound that looks like a dam paper cut 😀  Once I was discharged I called the Chef to tell him I was ready to return to work for that nights service 😀

Ill keep you update with more blogs 🙂


Yea the title says it all… I went down on Thursday 20th August with my dad spent the night in London, Had a meal at Plant Hollywood (I would recommend to anybody that goes to Piccadilly.) Went to watch my first stage show (The Commitments) Again it was amazing.

Friday morning bright and early once again got on the lovely london tube and headed to the embassy, to sit in the same spot for 3/4 hours while i wait for my number to be called (N436) When it was finally called I had my short Five minute interveiw when the lovely lady behind the desk called Sarah told me my Visa was accepted!

So its official I leave on the 16th October 10:45 Manchester airport to start my adventure.. All thanks to the Bulters Frank and Rasheeda.

See you soon guys! (and girls) (and America :D)

Things are starting to move faster.

So since my last blog things are picking up in speed….. I have got a date for my interview at the embassy after paying for my Visa and Interview. Friday 21st August I’m down in London to be hopefully told my visa would be accepted.On the other hand I have payed for my flights and have my tickets ready to fly out!

Yea its a short one but will be posting another post within the next week or two.

Day trip to London!

So the 8th of June came and it was time to go to London!  Setting off early in the morning with two mates also going to America, Keira and Dan. We met on the train and travled down and had a great day.

Step one Completed! getting to London, The next one was the hardest…. finding the right platform in the underground so we didn’t end up on the wrong side of London! So getting off the tube at Elephant and Castle we then had to find the University which after some wrong turns and asking strangers we finally did!

When we entered the room it was already filling up and we could feel the excitement  building from everybody. 12 o’clock came and we started and time flew by! After learning thing about what we would doing and a Q&A session with people who had already been in our shoes and have come to give us advice, we moved onto weather spoons for a drink before we returned home!

So the day after we got back I received an email saying my application has been accepted and now just awaiting payment. This is when it really sunk in that I would be going to America in a matter of months…. So now my next step is to pay for my Visa and my Interview at the embassy which I will be doing on the 15th of July!

Until then! have fun 😀

Lets Start with the Visa Process!

So within the next month or so Rasheeda and Frank was emailing us constantly with different pieces of information mainly about Date and times for Orientation taking place on the 8th June 2015 at London South Bank Uni and also the big peice to get us out to America……… The Visa process.

When we finally got the information about the visa process I looked at it and went ‘Oh my god’ Frank had thankfully emailed us step by step instruction guides to get us though this long process…. only to find out we had a matter of days within to get it completed otherwise we had to hold off until the start of July instead.

Part one of many for the Visa Process

Part one of many for the Visa Process

So I finally got the Process finished and had yet another Skype interview to show the Visa company CCI Greenheart why they should let me apply for my visa that will change my life! The interview went well and I finally submitted my application and it was accepted. (more on that in my next blog)

Next stop! Placement!

So my interview went really well and Rasheeda offered me a place on the program there and then! I was over the moon and I told everybody and anybody that I would be hopefully going to America in October! Time went by and as Rasheeda warned us, we wouldn’t be hearing from her until the following April.

In the time from December to April time dragged, I checked my email daily just in case a email from Rasheeda or Frank popped up. I received an email on the 6th of February from Rasheeda that Admiral’s Cove wanted to interview me for a possible placement their. Unfortunately this placement wasn’t to be when we found out the Interviews where not going to happen for there at this time and that Rasheeda was still trying to find somewhere else for us.

A while later I received an email from Frank telling me I had got a interview at Quail Valley with Chef Joe Faria but Frank needed to talk to me about the standard of my CV, at which point I got worried!  After the CV was amended I found out my interview date would be on Wednesday, March 4 at 3:00.

So the days flew by until my time for the interview came, I was so excited but so nervous at the same time it was amazing! I had my Interview with the Chef and the interview went amazingly, which to that point again it was time to wait to hear from BSG if I was going to be offered a place at Quail Valley!

Surely enough a couple weeks passed when I finally received an email from Frank saying that Chef Joe would like to have me at his club! I was again over the moon at this point and this is when it hit me it was really happening.

My First encounter with BSG.

So after hearing about this opportunity I just had to know more! I inquired about it with my level three tutor Paul Robinson who told me Rasheeda Butler who runs Butler Search group (BSG) was attending the college within the next couple of weeks to give a presentation to us about the program.

When the time arrived for us to meet Rasheeda I was so excited to know that my future could start here, But as usual duty called and ended up going to work and not to Rasheeda’s presentation which I was devastated and was thinking I have lost the chance already!  After Rasheeda left I was able to find out how to contact BSG and hope they would accept me and give me this amazing opportunity which Fortunately they did!

So I dragged up my CV and changed some things around, Adding a picture of myself (attached)

Picture from my CV

Picture from my CV

and adding my Skype name to the CV with the hope that it was up to standard and that I would achieve the Skype interview I was dearly after! which I did. With in days I received the email from Rasheeda (on the 29/11/2014) I would be having my first Skype interview on the following Wednesday 3rd December at 3.30pm with her.

Where to start?

Well since this my first post and my first blog i don’t know where do I start?

How about a bit about me!  I am currently at Grimsby Institute studying level 3 NVQ Professional cookery and i am coming to the end of my final year, I have an amazing job working  as a chef at The Ship Inn at Barnetby Le beck. In my spare time when im not with my beautiful girlfriend I am a member of staff at Grimsby and Cleethorpes sea cadets which I have been a part of for 7 years in September 2015. In that time I have achieved so much, been all over the country from Caledonia in Scotland learning to shoot to entering a national band completion in Plymouth and also spending a week on TS Jack Petchey a sea cadet training vessel, as well as meeting so many people and making new friends wherever I go.

Why have I decided to write a blog now? Well when I was finishing my exams in school all that I knew what I wanted to do was be a chef and join the royal navy. When I finished my level two I heard of an opportunity to go to America after I had finished my level three. This is going to be for a year gaining  experience within my field of choice, working at two different clubs which will impact me and my life big time!

So my aim is to regularly update my blog in the run up to me leaving for america in October until i return the following year.